Biltwell yard sale pics

Our very own field producer Bri Viffer, son in tow, braved the 60º+F weather to hit up Biltwell’s Garage Sale in the beginning of Juneuary (I’m gonna go ahead and rename January in SoCal).

Along with some Black Cat Coffee, he snapped up some sweet bike pics. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed at a Biltwell event, it’s that you’re gonna see some crazy shit.  Continue reading Biltwell yard sale pics

The Build Part 1: Tips from a pro

So here we go on our journey to get you from person-in-the-cubicle to FRONT PAGE of your favorite custom motorcycle mag.
Maybe it’s BikeEXIF, maybe it’s Croig’s Instgram feed. Maybe it’s HotBike, Basketcase, or Sideburn.

What ever your flavor may be, Junk and Whammer are here to help you along the way. We’re not pros by any means, so we’ve enlisted the help from a true custom guru and pro builder: Cerberus Moto’s Dave Hargreaves. Continue reading The Build Part 1: Tips from a pro

So you wanna build a bike, but ain’t got no scratch?

building a bike on limited funds: the long way down

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a while now. I planned to release it during the winter months, figuring that most people would be too busy riding during the spring and summer to want to build a bike. Also, most of the bike shows are during the warmer months, meaning that you should have your build done well before then instead of procrastinating until a few weeks before a deadline. Continue reading So you wanna build a bike, but ain’t got no scratch?

Building a bike: Introduction

On episode 103 of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast, we’re going to be talking about building bikes.
There will be a nice interview with someone who rebuilt a bike, but we’re going to focus more on building a bike to your specifications.

This means that we’re going to try and talk about where to start and where to end. Sometimes that might even mean a dreaded DNF – finishing before the checkered flag drops!

I gleaned some advice from Dave Hargreaves, scribbling it down in a notebook during a long phone conversation. Instead of letting it collect dust, we’ll divulge it to your ears via the podcast.

We want to get you started, from clearing out a work space to making the front page of BikeEXIF. With this multi-episodic tirade hopefully we can get you on the right track.

The co-host and I have several bikes in neglect right now, so what better impetus to get us started on our own projects than to use our own bikes as examples of where to start. There have also already been some experienced builders on the show in the past, and this is another chance to talk to even more professionals.

Eventually we’ll get to valuable information such as: where to get parts, testing used equipment, deciding where to spend your hard earned dollars, and we might even be able to provide some some written resources (for those of you who can read).

Whether it’s a sweet cafe bike, zombie apocalypse escape vehicle, or even a prop motorcycle for a sweet YouTube viral video – let two goofs with no technical training or mechanical certifications walk you through the process!

Before we get started, let us know what kind of bike you want to build: send your missives to or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

all photos: Creative Riding

New Logo- What do you think?

After the first year of the podcast/blog, I subtly changed the logo to a more refined one, done up in a graphics program rather than the hand-drawn one I used at first. This year I’m melding the two and hand-drawing a new image in a graphics program. It’s actually more like MSPaint a la 1996, but I like the way it turned out.
Now I’m asking for your opinion. Reach out to us via e-mail or on the social medias (Instagram, FB, twitter, etc. – even ones that we’re not on! We’re ok with that!)

Hey, this year, let’s all get out there and be more creative. Make it while you fake it.

What do you think of this tougher but less hand-made version?

Twisted Throttles SoCal- This is it!!!

Hey everyone, the Co-Host and I are going to be down at Twisted Throttles this weekend in Ramona, CA.
Located on the outskirts of San Diego, this new bike lifestyle event is going to be a one of a kind West Coast only hoe-down that rivals Sturgis, The One Show, Mama Tried, etc etc.
This inaugural event is going to set the stage for the future. Like Born Free and Sturgis, only for everybody!!
We will be collecting interviews and talking with creative types in the motorcycle space, and hopefully next week’s show will be chock full of new and informative perspectives.

So just to let everyone know and I’m sure everyone will be happy about this! WE UPDATED PRICESSSSSS!!!🤣👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🏁👊🏻 @twisted_throttles_so_cal @race_ontherez @ivleagueflattrack @lawtigers @baronadrags @biltwell @blessdapparel @lucky_daves @hotbikemag @jiffytune @SAE_CA @cruzarmor_usa @freewayassassins @motoworldracing @bassanixhaust @biggsharley @elcajonharley @andeair @2lefthands_kustompaint @sandiegocustoms @ride_and_destroy_com @ridetothewarehouse @luckyladyrider @instaharleyrider @plead_5 @speedkings_cycle @feulingparts @ChopperKings @polishingproz @forbiddencustoms @indianmotorcycle_usa @zoracinc @Ricko760 @bagger_blake @cycleworld @teactionsports @sscycle @vanceandhines @paintbysmokey @visualimpactpro @broken_home @ramjetracing @lifestyle.cycles @kreusioriginals @dirtybirdconcepts @kirshhelmets @coffin_culture @thevaudevillevixens @redbeardoriginal @biggoatband @rustybutcher @clintaugustradio @blackonyxlimo

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5 Essential Riding Tips to Keep You Safe This Fall

The leaves are changing, the mornings are brisk and the stores are beginning to peddle their winter line-ups. That can only mean one thing – Fall is officially here.

Along with ‘pumpkin spice’ everything, the change in weather and the relentless write-ups about winter storage or the dangers of wet-leaves reminds us that, yes, autumn is officially here. And yes, I should probably not rip around corners on wet, leaf-covered roads unless I am expecting new riding gear for christmas. Continue reading 5 Essential Riding Tips to Keep You Safe This Fall

DGR 2017

Sept 24th is the date that has been selected for this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.
It is a worldwide event that promotes men’s mental health, and raises money for prostate cancer research. The ride is put on to support the Movember Foundation, which according to the Gentlman’s Ride website, is the largest funder of prostate cancer research. Continue reading DGR 2017

WIR’s Top 10 Bikes – er, Boats…

The lowdown on Wisco-

As you know by now, we here at Creative-Riding are into a little-known but growing faction of drag racers up in Wisconsin known as WIR’s Top 10 Bikes. If you write that closely it looks like WIRTOPIO’S BIKES, leaving many of us to wonder, ‘Who is this Wirtopio, and what are his/her bikes?’.
It turns out that Wirtopio is not a person, but might as well be a malicious wizard who maligns the skies over Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna. It seems that, even in the midst of summer, Wirtopio is summoning rain and wind that could inspire Gordon Lightfoot to write another ballad about the legend near the Great Lake that the Chippewa called Itchee Booti… the Wreck of the Betty White, Junkyard Dog or Scrap Pile.

Continue reading WIR’s Top 10 Bikes – er, Boats…

So Cal Cycle Swap – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Words and Photos- WCM

Bikes, parts, bargains, haggling, deals, scores.. what else could you ask for, fellow motorcycle fanatic? The So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is definitely a “must see” destination if any of the above sounds interesting for you riders out there. This self proclaimed “largest monthly gathering of riders in the USA”, the So-Cal cycle swap meet is more than just a swap meet, it’s literally a monthly bike show and gathering of So-Cal motorcycle culture and lifestyle. From BMWs to Yamahas, from cruisers to bicycles, vintage to new, this swap meet has it all.

Photo/Whiskey Cloud Man

Continue reading So Cal Cycle Swap – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

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