5 Essential Riding Tips to Keep You Safe This Fall

The leaves are changing, the mornings are brisk and the stores are beginning to peddle their winter line-ups. That can only mean one thing – Fall is officially here.

Along with ‘pumpkin spice’ everything, the change in weather and the relentless write-ups about winter storage or the dangers of wet-leaves reminds us that, yes, autumn is officially here. And yes, I should probably not rip around corners on wet, leaf-covered roads unless I am expecting new riding gear for christmas. Continue reading 5 Essential Riding Tips to Keep You Safe This Fall

DGR 2017


Sept 24th is the date that has been selected for this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.
It is a worldwide event that promotes men’s mental health, and raises money for prostate cancer research. The ride is put on to support the Movember Foundation, which according to the Gentlman’s Ride website, is the largest funder of prostate cancer research. Continue reading DGR 2017

WIR’s Top 10 Bikes – er, Boats…

The lowdown on Wisco-

As you know by now, we here at Creative-Riding are into a little-known but growing faction of drag racers up in Wisconsin known as WIR’s Top 10 Bikes. If you write that closely it looks like WIRTOPIO’S BIKES, leaving many of us to wonder, ‘Who is this Wirtopio, and what are his/her bikes?’.
It turns out that Wirtopio is not a person, but might as well be a malicious wizard who maligns the skies over Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna. It seems that, even in the midst of summer, Wirtopio is summoning rain and wind that could inspire Gordon Lightfoot to write another ballad about the legend near the Great Lake that the Chippewa called Itchee Booti… the Wreck of the Betty White, Junkyard Dog or Scrap Pile.

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So Cal Cycle Swap – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Words and Photos- WCM

Bikes, parts, bargains, haggling, deals, scores.. what else could you ask for, fellow motorcycle fanatic? The So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is definitely a “must see” destination if any of the above sounds interesting for you riders out there. This self proclaimed “largest monthly gathering of riders in the USA”, the So-Cal cycle swap meet is more than just a swap meet, it’s literally a monthly bike show and gathering of So-Cal motorcycle culture and lifestyle. From BMWs to Yamahas, from cruisers to bicycles, vintage to new, this swap meet has it all.

Photo/Whiskey Cloud Man

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Harley-Davidson and The Man – an opinion…


To begin with, let’s just say that as of this post, there has been much a-cluck surrounding America’s #1 motorcycle brand for weeks now.
For starters, the rumors that the Motor Company was pursuing the sale of Ducati has had everyone in the motosphere at their keyboards and on the edge of their seats now for over a month.
We here at Creative-Riding speculated that something else was in the works, as it is not uncommon for some market chatter to arise right before H-D announces something that’s guaranteed to make stocks bounce like a rubber ball. Continue reading Harley-Davidson and The Man – an opinion…

Dirt Quake USA – July 21-22

This weekend the crazy godfather of all Hooligan racing descends upon the United States of America!!

Dirt Quake USA makes it’s annual appearance in the PNW July 21-22 in Castle Rock, WA. ย This event also happens to be part of the Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan National Championship Series.
The fifth round to be exact. And a crazy bike fiesta to boot!

First started by Sideburn Magazine in 2012, the event provided regular joes and weekend hooligans in the U.K. a place to race their machines….
Like, any machines. Sometimes the crazier the better.

The event made the jump the the States in 2014, and since then the mayhem has only grown. There are Pro-Am Hooligan races, Chopper races, Inappropriate Road Bike races, and many more exciting classes.

“DirtQuake is an alternative motorcycling festival that encourages a diverse blend of bike fans, dirt racers, grease monkeys, celebrities, custom shop designers, speed freaks and weekend warriors to celebrate their shared love of motorbikes.”

If you’ve got the time and the motivation, check it out in person.
The ticket information is here, but the party is on the bike!

Dirt Quake USA // Hope everyone is gonna make it out to Dirt Quake USA, it is a crazy good time

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Hooligan Flat Track at the X-Games


Some of the SoCal rippers will be at the X-Games July 13th representing some of California’s best in the Hooligan Flat Track series. Past guests Scott Jones (Noise Cycles) and Chris Wiggins (Speed Merchant) are just a couple of the racers that you will be able to see live.
You can find the live stream on Harley-Davidson’s Facebook page.
Facebook.com/Harley-Davidson, Thursday 7:30pm EDT.
Learn more about the Hooligan Racing class in episode 83 of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast.

#RustyButcher will be rocking @quaidharleydavidson at @xgames next week for the #HarleyHooligans race! @brandoncquaid

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More info about Hooligan racing on Harley-Davidson’s official website: http://www.harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_US/home/events/racing/hooligan.html

WIR’S Top 10 Bikes, July 7th, 2017

Round 3: WIR’s TOP 10 Bikes

The WIR’s Top 10 Bikes crew heads back to Kaukauna Friday, July 7th for round 3 of the Senior Bikes Class/SWB Class real street drags!

Will the weather cooperate? Will the bikes cooperate? Will the late-night Taco Bellโ„ข poops cooperate? Only time will tell.

Wisconsin International Raceway
W1460 CR-KK, Kaukauna, Wisconsin 54130
Friday, July 7th @ 4pm CDT

Motorcycle Podcaster’s Challenge

Hey peeps… If you listened to the Loud Pipes podcast recently, then you may have heard the news. I did something….

I signed up for the Motorcycle Podcaster’s Challenge!
The important thing is – I NEED YOUR HELP!!!
Listeners of the show can help participate. The rules are on the site, but I’ll give you a quick overview of the fun part:
The hosts will choose 6 letters from a BINGO style tumbler.
You will have to chose a town that starts with one of those letters
Each letter has a point value, and the town’s name will add up.
There will be a mileage bonus also.
I’ve added a link to the menu that will take you directly to the challenge’s page. Go there and sign up.
There are lots of other rules and regulations, so get over there and sign up! HELP THIS ONE MAN BAND OUT!!!!
Join the Facebook Page and rack up those miles!


Isle of Man TT 2017

The 2017 Isle of Man TT is just days away. Every year for the last part of May and the first part of June, petrol heads from around the world tune in for, arguably, the most perilous race on Earth.
If you’re not familiar with the Isle of Man TT then here’s a quick video course on the matter:

The race is the oldest running road race in the world, with over 100 years of history and tradition beneath its belt. It is raced on public roads with very little in the way of course protection or safety, as there is not much that can be done at 200+ miles per hour.

The race has produced legends throughout the last century, and has even spawned racing legacies. The Dunlop family being one of the more famous and still relevant. Other legends like Giacomo Agostini, John McGuiness, Joey Dunlop, Mike Hailwood and Guy Martin are forever intertwined in the island’s lore. The latter has never even actually won a race, but is a very large personality at the race.

For more info see the official website https://www.iomtt.com



The news trickling in has been horrible and vague. ย One thing is certain – things look grim at the moment for Nicky Hayden.

Depending on which media outlets you read, the world champ is in dire straights, or no conclusions can be drawn at this time. Nicky suffered trauma to multiple areas of his body after a collision with a car on Wednesday in Italy.

He was on a bicycle ride after having raced at Imola just days prior.
There are several pictures of the damaged car circulating on the internet, and the destruction is quite substantial…

Out hearts are with Nicky and his family during this uncertain time.


There have been some reports that were apparently false or exaggerated. RoadracingWorld.com has published statements that are apparently direct from Hayden’s father.

link: http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/nicky-hayden-earl-hayden-decries-fake-news/

Update 5/22/17

Unfortunately Nicky Hayden succumbed to his injuries today in Italy. The motorcycling world has truly lost a star whose void will never be filled, and whose light will always shine bright.

R.I.P. Nicky Hayden 1981-2017.

Ordinary riders doing extraordinary things