Creative Riding Episode 101: IMS Recap

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Motorcycles, Gear, Custom Builds, Interviews… it’s here.

Welcome to episode 101 – where you find out that I drive a stick-shift!

Wiggins and I recently attended the Progressive IMS Long Beach, and since we were busy celebrating 100 episodes last week, we thought we’d give the rest of the nation a chance to catch up with the tour. Come along with us as we return to Creative Manor in the mobile studio.

We’ll talk about the new bikes for North America and what the OEMs are bringing to the dealerships! New from Honda, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Polaris (Indian and Slingshot), KTM, Ducati, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, and more!!!

00:23:40 – : Bolid’ster jeans importer Van Manley talks to us about her un… er ‘eunique’ riding apparel.

01:15:30 – Geoff and Roger from Ikon Suspension walk us through Ikon’s history and performance pedigrees. Ikon offers suspension for both new and vintage applications. Geoff and Roger were a total riot, and I could have listened to them go on and on for hours. Great people, great product.

Stay tuned to the end of the show for some upcoming events.
I also added some out takes to the end and I have a special message for Liza from Re-Cycle Santa Cruz.

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Creative Riding Episode 99: “Wrapping Up”

Motorcycles, Art/Artists, Dancing, Music, Stunts, Freestyle BMX, Drag Racing, Flat Track, Crashes, Drama- This episode has it all.

Welcome to episode 99! This is a wrap.
In the studio we have OC Jenn (@skeeterhornacek on IG) to help us wrap up a few motor-related issues.

In this episode we wrap up:

1. The motor challenge – Even though Chris won the motor challenge 4 -1, he still wanted to pull out some finishing moves (a-la Mortal Kombat) and smash my already pulverized list of “zany” motors to bits. I’ll allow it. This week the NR500/NR750 wheelies right over the 1921 Megola radial engined “motorcycle”.

2.As EICMA wraps, we’ll talk about a couple of bikes that we have no idea about. With IMS coming up next week, we’ll have more for you after that.

3.The inaugural and penultimate SoCal motorcycle event rolled through town- Twisted Throttles took over Ramona/Barona in San Diego County. We were there taking in all of the festivities, and we’ll give you a wrap up of what went down.
There were RWYB Drags, Flat Track, lots of vendors, awesome camping, rural rides, classy Burlesque, Music, BMX, etc.
Let’s not forget one of the most important components – the artists that make Creative Riding, well…creative!

Painter Rick Ortiz:
Mixed media on wood
instagram: @SAE_CA

Photographer Bradley Petruchik
Photos galore! Nicest guy ever!
instagram: @bradleympetruchik

Illustrator Nate Biccum
Rad moto illustrations. A comedian waiting to happen!
instagram: @n8biccum and #n8illustrate

Illustrator Caroline Perron
quirky mixed media, oui oui!
instagram: @caro74happy

Thanks to @Twisted_Throttles_So_Cal , Brian, Blake and the whole crew for putting on the first of many cool events. Also thanks to co-host Chris (@wiggzero9) and Jenn (@skeeterhornacek) for hanging out at the event, and Geoff Patrick for all the banter and just plain hanging out in the pits.
What a week… now on to IMS.

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Creative Riding Episode 98 “Week 4 motor challenge/S#!% Show”

Motorcycles, news, and industry talk. We try to pretend we know what we’re talking about as the Tokyo Motor Show premieres were announced (a few weeks ahead of EICMA).

Welcome to episode Ninety-eight of Creative Riding… OF COURSE WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!!!

Here are a couple of the things we discuss:
-Spooky Spoke Wrap Up

-Tokyo Motor Show:
–Yamaha: ‘Operation Kando’, Motoroid, Motobot ver.2, Nikkkkken
–Honda: No Gold Wing talk after all, Neo Sports Cafe, Super Cubs, Monkeys, and Electrics- OH MY!
–Suzuki: Is it bold new graphics as usual for Suzuki this year?
— Kawasaki: A new Ninja, and some new stuff thats supercharged. Z900 RS and that’s not all.

We also blab about Arch, Beta, Benelli, Bultaco, and a bunch of other stuff.

Then we get into week four of the motor challenge. So far the score is Wiggins 2 – Producer 1. While the Ariel Square Four and the Norton Classic (Rotary) sent me down like a hooker on pay day, my pick of the Honda NS500 got the judge’s by the heart strings. Many of them liked the history of the race motor in contrast to another stinking’ rotary engine.

This week’s Instagram shout out’s are :
@ATC_daily and @motocrossig

There’s also a new podcast in town called “Girl on a Moto” that’s worth a listen. They can be found on Instagram as well @girl_on_a_moto

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Creative Riding Episode 97 “Spooky Spokes”

BRAAAP!!! BOO!!! Stay awake, stay alert, stay alive…

This is episode 97.

In this episode Chris and I go head-to-head for the third week of the motor challenge. This weeks picks may see the tables turn and fortunes change.

We also talk Twisted Throttles with promoter Brian Bell
This event is rapidly approaching, and it’s not too late to get in on the experience. Contact Brian directly for racing registration. His info can be found at
You can also buy event tickets here:…012388?aff=eac2

Finally, we wrap up the show with out second annual Spooky Spokes segment. This year, I’m calling the show the “Ominous Omens” show. So many crazy ride stories, a blurb about Pasadena’s suicide bridge, and an encounter with a beast in Wisconsin!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show!
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Creative Riding Episode 96: “Motor Challenge Week Two”

Welcome to episode 96!!!
Four more until we reach our century.

Thanks to @Wingman’s Garage for this week’s word:

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We discuss last week’s Crazy Motor Challenge winner and loser. We also set forth the Week 2 Challenge Contenders:
Here’s the breakdown:
We will have a 5 week throw-down that revolves around ‘crazy’ motors.
a. Each week we will have a head-to-head ‘battle’, or comparison of different motors. We have made our lists and locked them in, but we won’t reveal the motor until the recording of the show.
b. Three different podcasts (Misfits, Cleveland Moto, Wingman’s) will judge our motors based on their own interpretation of how ‘crazy’ our motors are. This will keep us honest, and we won’t have to guess who won for the week.
c. Chris and I have decided that the motors will not be one-off, novelty, or car motors in a bike. (for example: no Boss Hoss, single prototype, or helicopter turbine bikes) Not that it can’t be small production though, like a Britten, Confederate, Lightning, etc)
d. After five weeks (or the best of five, which ever happens first) we will tally the votes and the loser shall be issued a penalty.
e. The penalty shall be moto-related, and shall not exceed $100. I’m cheap and broke! I think Chris is too!

Chris Recaps the Roland Sands Super Hooligan National Championship finals from Bolsa Chica State Beach.
WARNNG: There is some inside information and bureaucracy discussed. The opinion expressed is contained to the parties involved and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the other racers, promoters, and/or spectators.

We discuss Honda’s efforts to get all owners of vehicles (cars or Gold Wings) affected by the Takata airbag recalls to get their vehicles repaired immediately.

We also discuss Porsche’s Passport program – a” ‘Netflix’ for cars”, and ponder the possibilities of a Motorcycle OEM trying to launch this concept.

instagram shout outs this week:
@kristinevodon & @caro74happy

@Trackercross II is underway Oct 20-21
@Hell On Wheels MC Halloween Hillclimb Oct 28
@Twisted_Throttles_So_Cal Nov 3-4

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Creative Riding Episode 95 “The Motor Challenge”

Motorcycles… YAY Motorcycles!! This week Chris and I are starting a new 5 week challenge. There are also a couple interviews. 00:01:50 The ‘Crazy’ Motor Challenge: Chris and I have constructed a challenge that began with a discussion over the Ducati Stradale, and will probably end in humiliation on two wheels. Here’s the breakdown: We will have a 5 week throw-down that revolves around ‘crazy’ motors. a. Each week we will have a head-to-head ‘battle’, or comparison of different motors. We have made our lists and locked them in, but we won’t reveal the motor until the recording of the show. b. Three different podcasts (Misfits, Cleveland Moto, Wingman’s) will judge our motors based on their own interpretation of how ‘crazy’ our motors are. This will keep us honest, and we won’t have to guess who won for the week. c. Chris and I have decided that the motors will not be one-off, novelty, or car motors in a bike. (for example: no Boss Hoss, single prototype, or helicopter turbine bikes) Not that it can’t be small production though, like a Britten, Confederate, Lightning, etc) d. After five weeks (or the best of five, which ever happens first) we will tally the votes and the loser shall be issued a penalty. e. The penalty shall be moto-related, and shall not exceed $100. I’m cheap and broke! I think Chris is too! 00:40:00 We discuss the AFT finals, and I interviewed Chris right after he finished the night 8th in the Perris Round of the RSD Super Hooligan National Flat Track Series. The Super Hooligans ran in conjunction with the AFT finals. We hung out with Jeffrey Carver afterward, and Chris secured 6th position in the overall standings going into the final round. 01:02:10 Wiggins interviews Juan, one of his co-workers, on the way to Willow Springs for a track day. They discuss the pre-track Juan, and in subsequent episodes, we’ll be bringing you Juan’s story and his journey from ‘motorcycle guy’ to ‘track star’. 01:20:35 We do our Random-grams Instagram Pick-of-the-Week: @jrod_racing is my pick. This girl rocks the two-wheels. Whether it’s dirt, track or street, this chick RIPS IT!!! @cafekillers is Chris Wiggins’ pick. They have legit old-stool sport bikes and race pics. This IG is radical… like totally. Please leave a review wherever you get our podcast. check out the show blog or email us a cool story

Creative Riding Episode 94 “The Gentleman and The Wizard”

Motorcycle rides, races, flat track, interviews… we’ve got it all.

Welcome to episode 94.

In this episode we talk to a couple riders. One on the street, one on the track.

The Gentleman is none other than legendary mile-gobbler Paul “Bri Viffer”. He recounts his experience on the 2017. Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. If you’ve never done the DGR before, it’s a ride that was started by Mark Hawwa of Australia in 2012. Initially it was just a ride to show the general public that hipsters on vintage bikes aren’t the wankers that sport bike squids and Harley Outlaw Bikers are. After the success of the first year’s ride, however, Hawwa quickly decided that the ride could be used to support a worthy cause.
In 2013 the DGR partnered with the Movember foundation to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and later would include mens mental health awareness. The ride has grown from 2,500 riders in 2012 to 56,000 riders worldwide in 2016. I can’t wait to see what the 2017 numbers yield. For more information on the DGR you can follow these links:

The second interview on this week’s show is with another mile-gobbler, but this one’s a little different. He gobbles dirt miles, along with TTs, and smaller ovals. Co-Host Chris Wiggins took over interview duties at Perris Raceway this week, and had a sit-down with AFT privateer Jeffrey Carver Jr. – The Wizard!!
Turns out Wiggins has some great interviewing chops, and Carver is a dude with a thousand stories, all of them good.
Both Chris and Jeffery will be out at Perris Auto Speedway (not Raceway) ripping in the RSD National Hooligan Flat Track Series, and the AFT National Flat Track series respectively. It ought to be a radical night of sideways action, and hopefully both riders can put in podium finishes. Good luck to both of you, I know you’ve worked hard to get where you are. And Jeffrey, remember the words of another powerful wizard when you’re out there tomorrow night – “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” ~ Gandalf.

Also send your spooky ride stories, crazy scary artwork, or even a kooky songs about ghosts, road and motorcycles to: Our Halloween episode is coming up, and we want to hear your tales of horror.
Rusty Butcher’s Trackercross II: Halloween Edition and Hell On Wheels Halloween Hillclimb are also coming up, so get your costumes ready and party down!

creative riding can be found here:

podcast- @creativeridingpodcast
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Creative Riding Episode 93 “Shop Talk”

Motorcycles, mechanics, machinists, and a man-child. All on this episode of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast.

Welcome to Episode 93 of the Creative Riding podcast!!

In this episode Chris Wiggins and I are talking in a garage. Literally.
It’s almost as if we’re paying the ultimate tribute to Wingman’s Garage by ditching the studio setup, and not even trying to talk into the recording device. Awesome sauce!

He was repairing his Dyna master cylinder after suffering a pressure loss at The Streets at Willow Springs on Sept 17th.. He was Also setting up the steering on his Ducati Monster for said track day.

We talk about a lot of stuff. I edit out a lot of stuff. You get the final product.
Chris will be back out at the Streets Sept 30th with the guys from @27Cycles and @Jiffytune again. This time @rammingspeed_racing is putting on the event, and it’s another Classic Day at Willow Springs!

We cover the Hooligan Shootout that Chris presented at Santa Maria raceway on Sept. 23, and we’ll dabble in some speculation and controversy inside the AFT paddock.
I’ll be tagging along at the back of the Grand Tour taking place Oct 1st through the streets of L.A.

Thanks to @Muchomoto @n8biccum and special thanks to @darkcornergarage for this week’s word, which is PETCOCK.

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Creative Riding Episode 92: “Those Harley Guys”


Motorcycles, mayhem, mahalo! Welcome to Episode 92 of the Creative Riding Podcast.

This week we continue to keep the recent Hurricane victims in our thoughts, as well as the victims of the gigantic earthquake in Mexico.

00:07:30 – Hopefully everyone from the U.S. of A. down to the islanders in Cuba and the many smaller island nations in the Bahamas can make a speedy recovery and get their lives back on track in the aftermath of several storm systems that ravaged those areas over the past month.
On the topic of hurricanes and flooding, we’ll talk about water damage and point you in a good direction for more information. I got most of my information from Car Stuff, and you can find it here:…buying-one.htm

00:16:50 – Harley-Davidson keeps making the news, and usually it not good news. An article in the Milwaukee Business Journal got me thinking about an article that I red in Cycle News.
As Harley plans on opening a factory in Thailand, is it necessarily a bad thing for the Motor Company? Is it bad for U.S. workers? Is it bad for consumers?

00:34:30 – Chris Wiggins, brought to you by Speed Merchant, ICON Motorsports, and FTWCo, and I went to the track for this week’s show. We hooked up with those Harley guys that you’ve seen all over YouTube carving the canyons and kicking ass on the track.
Thanks to Tony, Eric and Zach and co-host Chris. Check out our Instagram feed or the related blog post for some vids and some links to these guys.
This was another Hooligan experience as they talked to us about ripping’ Dynas in the presence of sport bikes and serving up some humble pie to track-day bros.

Thanks to Dan at, and many thanks to Liza Miller and Ted Kettler from Motorcycles&Misfits and Motorcycle Men podcasts, respectively.

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Creative Riding Episode 91 “Expensive Bikes and Emblems”

Motorcycles & misinformation.. yep, this is Creative Riding.

Welcome to episode 91.

Chris has the week off. He’s enjoying the luxurious palm-strewn beaches of the Cuba, puffing on an OG Cubano Cigar and watching the sea breeze gently blow boats and houses down the flooded streets. Actually, I have no clue where he is, so sit back and enjoy so quiet time with yours truly… 😉

In the first segment I talk about Top Tier Bikes… Why you need them, why we need them, why I need you, and you need me. I actually only talk about the first two parts.
High-dollar merchandise off-sets the cost of lower value, break-even products no matter what industry you’re in. Size doesn’t necessarily matter, but someone has to pay for all the R&D, and in motorcycling’s case, assembly, marketing, shipping, et cetera. Thank god for all of you old, retired or young, wealthy people. Without you being able to afford the Gold Wings, K1600GTs and CVO Road Glides the rest of us wouldn’t be able to buy CBR650s, G310Rs and XL883s!

The second main topic of the show is Emblems: What do they mean, and how do they get their start? Some companies have emblems with true iconography that would require a certificate in Heraldry to discern, while others simply have a cheap font and a wacky back-story. I chose 10 manufacturers at random and dug up the dirt on their brand icon.

Finally we’ll talk about American Flat Track. There are 2 rounds remaining, and the Twins already know their champion while the Singles are having last minute struggles at the top of the list!

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Creative Riding Episode 90 “Spicy Hot Gold Wing Recipies”

This is episode 90 from Creative-Riding, the internet’s best motorcycle podcast (in the San Gabriel Valley north of the I-210 and east of the Kinneloa Mesa, yet west of the San Gabriel River).

Yes, it’s a very small area that we operate out of, yet we enjoy tormenting…. er I mean, treating each and every listener from California to Calcutta with motorcycle information and discussions that revolve around a common passion for all things two-wheeled!

Episode 90 covers many things, but in this episode we’ll deep dive on the Honda Gold Wing. Honda is rumored to have a new Wing in the works for 2018, and many people were ablurb with excitement when Honda teased a new front suspension patent online.

We’ll drop back in history to find out what’s been going on in the lineage of the Gold Wing since it’s conception to current day production model.
For a deeper understanding of the Gold Wing from it’s own creators, check out

As usual, there will also be some coverage of the flat track races in the American Flat Track series. More information can be found on

Our second annual Spooky Spokes episode is coming up soon. There is plenty of time to get out and ride to the dark side of your town. Unearth a spooky tale from the depths of your local history. Peel back the skin on an urban legend. Unleash the fury of your favorite local folklore. Whatever you do, make sure you e-mail your stories, voicemails, or photos/videos to before Oct 26th!
An e-mail link is available on our Facebook page.

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